Teach for India at Evidyaloka

eVidyaloka is a not for profit organization registered under Trusts Act, focuses on transforming the education landscape in the rural and remote regions of the country. eVidyaloka Trust established in Bangalore, Karnataka has its presence in 6 centres,3 States ( Tamilnadu,Andhra Pradesh & Jharkhand) Imparting education for Class 6th to 8th class Children with help of 50+ Volunteers who currently support as Teachers, Coordinators, Content Writers & Well wishers. We encourage volunteers in India to teach  at Evidyaloka.


  • To Enable quality in education for the Children
  • “Teach for India ” is the required intent required to carry the mission
  • To Unleash the power of human connect
  • To Build a Replicable, Scalable and Sustainable delivery model
  • To Evolve a model from Corporate-Social-Responsibility to a Corporate-Social-Partnership

Teach for India at Evidyaloka (All) program video. Its important that we reach to more children and it cannot happen with out your help as Volunteer.

We welcome you to Join us on Dec 16th Event to know about eVidyaloka, Our Teacher Volunteers will be sharing their experience, Discussion – How Remote education is becoming relevant in Children learning experience, How to support eVidyaloka as an Volunteer.


Floretz Montessori,Sector 2 , HSR layout, Bangalore 560102

Join us at eVidyaloka Volunteer event to know how you can transform lives of children being at the comfort of your home…Spread the word– and refer to your friends in Bangalore



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